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0.5" ReBinder Select
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  • 0.5" recycled chipboard 3 ring binder - front
  • 0.5" recycled chipboard 3 ring binder - spine
  • 0.5" recycled chipboard 3 ring binder - inside
  • 0.5" recycled chipboard 3 ring binder - front
  • 0.5" ReBinder Select

1/2" ReBinder Select

For smaller projects, proposal submittals and conferences, the .5” ReBinder broadcasts your commitment to using responsible supplies. Constructed from recycled chipboard, our thinnest ReBinder features a flexible cover and holds 100 sheets of paper.


- Ring Size: .5" Round Diameter
- Spine Width: .75" W
- Front and Back Cover Size: 9.625" W x 11.5" H

Part #: 00009
blank labels included
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  9 Review(s)

Product Details / Recycled 3 Ring Binder Half Inch

1/2" ReBinder Select Features & Dimensions

The ReBinder Select is the most versatile line among the Guided green office supplies. Combining durability and functionality with a professional sharpness, this round-ring recycled binder reinforces your commitment to sustainability.

.5" Recycled Binder Cover Materials

The .5" ReBinder Select recycled binder is constructed in American mills from durable 35-point fully recycled chipboard, a thinner gauge than other ReBinder Select sizes. The .5" binder cover is fully recyclable so that it does not end up in U.S. landfills.

.5" Recycled Binder Ring Mechanism

The efficient round rings hold more sheets and allow pages to lay flat even when the half inch recycled binder is near capacity. Instead of using permanent rivets, we affix the rings on the 1/2" binder using two screws and t-nuts. Since this innovative ring mechanism is removable, you can transport the pages to a different ReBinder or reuse it with a replacement cover.

.5" ReBinder Select Custom Printing

Each .5” recycled binder includes a one-sheet Brown Kraft labeling system that allows you to customize the natural brown spine and covers, eliminating the need for a plastic view binder. Guided can also custom print your .5" ReBinder Select in-house.

.5" ReBinder Select Specifications

Contents per Case:
  • 18 blank 1/2 inch ReBinder Select binders and 18 ReBinder label sheets with instructions
  • Max Capacity: 100 sheets of 20 lb. 8.5" x 11" paper
  • Size: 9.625" L x 11.5" H x .75" W
  • Rings: Easily removable .5" round 3-ring steel assembly system
  • Cover: Single sheet of 35-point chipboard made from 100% recycled fibers with a minimum 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials.
  • Note: Due to the variety of recycled content, the shade of the natural Brown Kraft color may vary.

Customer Reviews / 1 2 Recycled Binder, 1/2 inch binder, Recyclable

  1. Great Binders!
    Review by Nina D


    We have ordered the rebinders in a larger size before and were very happy with the quality. This size has a unique shape and design and the binders are surprisingly durable. We were very impressed with the quality.
    (Posted on 3/26/14)

  2. Good Product
    Review by Kris


    We just wish it would close flat when laying on a surface...
    (Posted on 3/4/14)

  3. Great alternative to plastic!
    Review by kiwi


    We bought these because the organic look was more "us" and we didn't want to add yet another hunk of plastic to the landfill. Great solution! We're very glad the product is out there. If we had our druthers, we would request the more "deluxe" version, but in the .5 size. We would have preferred a little durability...and the binders tended to float open on the table and not look quite as clean at our conference as a stiffer cardboard. But, for a small amount of info, these worked great! We braced for a fight with our printer to make the labels work but it was no hassle at all! Our only other request would have been the option to do a full sheet label. Thank you!
    (Posted on 6/10/13)

  4. Good Binder
    Review by SERA


    Our firm uses many different sizes of the ReBinder Select.
    The .5" size is a perfect size for submitting proposals to clients for new projects. We love the fact that the spine can be removed from the shell and each component is recyclable. The product would be even better though if you could purchase new shells to re-use the spines with or if you could send them back to Guided for re-use, and receive credit toward future purchases. Seems wasteful to just recycle the spines when they are still in good working order.
    (Posted on 4/3/13)

  5. Great product, easy transaction
    Review by Steve


    I work for a conservation organization so recycled products are a must! The ease of ordering these and the speed at which they were delivered were bonuses on top of the quality product that I was proud to provide to attendees of our workshop! I'll be back!
    (Posted on 3/30/12)

  6. I have continued buying more and more of these binders - solid, striking in appearance, and highly functional. Cannot say enough about how terrific the product is and how wonderful the customer service and feedback from students and parents.
    Review by Nile


    I bought these binders because of their appearance but have loved their durability and the positive feedback from students, parents and friends, all of whom are impressed by the design and functionality of these excellently pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing binders. They look wonderful and so much better than the plastic binders I used to use. With the custom labels, they have really changed so much of my workplace feel and I have expanded my orders to include alternate sizes and labels.
    (Posted on 3/2/12)

  7. Very Satisfied!
    Review by Elaine H


    This is the second year using ReBinders for our conference. They are of high quality and our attendees are happy to be part of a more responsible approach to conference supplies.
    (Posted on 4/6/11)

  8. Great concept!
    Review by CityF


    We are plumbers specialized in high-end residential and commercial products. Our customers are General Contractors and when we prepare Plumbing Submittals for fixtures, we only use Rebinder products. Customers are impressed and feel that we make a significant contribution to the environment in putting this effort of using green binders.
    Makes a great impression! We really like the 0.5" for smaller projects.

    Great idea!
    (Posted on 9/17/10)

  9. We love Rebinder
    Review by Enermodal


    Our firm has now purchase two different sizes of rebinders, folders, tabs, cardstock--you name it. We love the organic look of the binders and think its a great concept for greening our office supplies.
    (Posted on 8/16/10)

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