Our Story

Guided is a fast growing brand of consumer products built with our fellow Americans in mind.

We are patriots, capitalists, parents and stewards. Open markets cause change. With that in mind, we plunge head-first into established, competitive markets with products that meet our values and compete at every level.  The items with the Guided brand are made in the USA to cost the same, function the same (or better) and provide profit for our channels.  We also carry American made items from other great brands.  These arts & crafts, kids toys and other products are aligned with our own values and we're excited to offer them.

The products we make are not a niche, they are not a project, they do not make up 5% of our P&L while the core of our business focuses on our traditional bread and butter. These come from our DNA. It’s been that way since we were founded.

Have you ever walked down a store aisle, where all the products were different colors of the same thing and were made overseas from plastic? If so, expect to see our products in that aisle soon, kicking tail. If you make products on that shelf now, it’s time to rumble.