Product Approach

We create durable, accountable, American merchandise.



Consumers want to spend their money on products and companies who share their values. Conversely, consumers do not want to ask 20 questions about manufacturing location, method and materials before they buy. So we’ve boiled it down to make it easy for the consumer, regardless of the aisle they’re in or type of product they’re buying.

Our Approach


We make products people are proud to use.
We make products available where people shop.
We make products that function as well or better than competing products.
We make products in America.
We consider the materials used, method to create and the end of life of all products we make.



All manufacturing requires trade-offs. These include costs, functionality, social, environmental and many others. All of these trade-offs roll up into a target sales price, quality and resulting unit velocity, which drives the value for our stakeholders (including our customers, partners and our Company itself).

We keep it simple at Guided. Our products will always be American-made, on the same shelf and at the same price with consideration for the products’ end of life. While we’re not perfect, this process does result in a better outcome and product to compete with those lining most retail shelves today.



Most certifications are created with good intentions, however the business model of certifications is inherently conflicted. With their success comes lowering of standards, increase in overhead and broadening of target customer base (stated or otherwise).

With or without a third party logo, leaf or symbol on our product, our values remain the same. The mark for our certification is the Guided logo. The group which holds us to account is our customers, who will choose to either buy our product, or someone else’s.

our approach is sustainable and american made
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