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Partner Brands

West Paw Designs

West Paw Design is a small but mighty manufacturer of high quality dog and cat toys and bedding. All of their products are made in beautiful Bozeman, Montana where they are dedicated to creating safe, fun, and durable products for your pet, while also making a contribution to the greater picture. They believe in only the best for your pet! Pets are honest, trusting creatures who depend on us humans to keep their world safe and comfortable. That's why West Paw Design searches high and low to find the most durable, non-toxic and safe materials to make their dog toys. The fabrics they choose come straight from the clothing and upholstery industries, no cheap secondhand throwaways for them. In fact, they go so far as to design fabrics themselves that will match their high standards. They believe in comfort and enjoyment for your pet and peace of mind for you! Shop West Paw  

Poof Slinky

In 1945, Richard James invented one of the greatest toys ever. James, a naval engineer, was conducting an experiment with tension springs. During the experiment, one of the springs fell to the floor and began to 'walk.' James took the spring home to his wife, Betty, and asked her if she thought it was something they could pursue. Betty had a vision for a toy and scoured the dictionary, looking for an appropriate name. She came across the word 'slinky®,' a Swedish word meaning stealthy, sleek and sinuous. Toy history was made. The Slinky® debuted at Gimbel's Department Store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1945. Both Betty and Richard were skeptical about how the Slinky® would sell. All their doubts were put to rest when all 400 Slinky®s for sale were purchased in 90 minutes. Since then, over three hundred million Slinky®s have been sold worldwide. The Slinky® is still made in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania with the original equipment Richard James created. The Slinky® has changed little in over 65 years. Though it was developed to be a toy, other applications for the Slinky® have been discovered. The Slinky® has been used as an antenna by soldiers in Vietnam, as a therapy tool and for coordination development. The possibilities are endless. Shop Poof-Slinky

Green Toys

Green Toys believes the world would be a much better place if everyone said 'please' and 'thank you'', cell phones didn't ring during movies, and all toys were fun, safe, and made from environmentally friendly materials. Since it's probably no use holding their breath for those first two, they're concentrating on the toys. Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children's toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet. Shop Green Toys

Maple Landmark

We have been making eco-friendly, educational wooden toys, games and gifts since 1979 at our shop here in Middlebury, Vermont. We pride ourselves in being a local company that supports other local companies who operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. We employ about 40 local folks year around. As a result of these practices we produce products that have always been safe and of superior quality. Many people know us for our NameTrains, but we craft a wide array of children's products including heirloom wooden baby toys, toddler toys, board games and gifts. Made in the USA and treasured worldwide you can find us at specialty toys stores, fine gift shops museums, and catalogs. Shop Maple Landmark


BEKA, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer, producing high quality wood products for over forty years in our family owned St. Paul, Minnesota workshop. Beka is truly a Made in America original! Owned and operated by an extended family group, including brothers Jamie, Richard and Peter Kreisman we have now moved into the next generation. Jamie has been joined by his son Jonathon, while Richard and Peter explore the concept of retirement. Together, they provide stability and direction, insuring all products and policies are compatible with their personal standards and up to the demands of the granchildren - whew! As always, they make sure they're fun to use, too!! Shop BEKA


Bildopolis believes in playful learning, where kids learn without being 'taught'. We feel that their everyday lives provide opportunities for learning, and the things they discover through play build creativity, imagination, spatial awareness, and dexterity while encouraging problem-solving skills. Bildopolis is a San Francisco-based company that makes simple, eco-friendly, large-scale building kits for kids. Shop Bildopolis

Larsen Toy Lab

Larson Toy Lab's idea is simple - to build a company around blocks. Throughout generations wood blocks have cultivated problem solving, critical thinking, and social skills. Quite simply, blocks are one of the most educational and inherently creative toys available. Larsen Toy Lab added to these values by blending a story, game or a puzzle into each of their sets. Larsen Toy Lab produces high quality, all natural, wooden block sets that are 100% Made in America. They strive to minimize our environmental impact and promise to give back to the communities they serve through block donations. Shop Larsen Toy Lab

Smart Deco

SmartDeco was created by a college student and a recent graduate who think that your furniture shouldn't hold you back. Whether it's moving to a new city after graduating, studying abroad, or just moving to a new apartment, this is the age you can and should do it. The SmartDeco goal is to free you from the constraints of expensive, immobile furniture so you can live how you want to.strong> Shop Smart Deco

Alchemy Goods

While medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, Alchemy Goods strives to turn useless stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seatbelts and advertising banners into useful stuff like bags and wallets. Another word for this is upcycling. Recycling turns stuff into the same thing over and over again. Upcycling turns something of lesser value into something of greater value. Located in Seattle, WA. Shop Alchemy Goods

Wee Can Too

Sarid Ditton founded Wee Can Too in 2007 as her then, only daughter, Savannah, turned 6 months. As an artist, she sought out fingerpraints that would endure the curiosity of an infant. Many companies claimed to be safe and non-toxic, but still contained dyes that make her feel unsettled about “feeding” them to her baby. She started tinkering in the kitchen and finally came up with a product that is completely edible, organic and most of all, safe for babies and toddlers. After two busy years of marketing and manufacturing Wee Can Too paints on her own, the tired and overwhelmed, now mother of two, connected with a client based out of Kansas. Nichole Groat owned an Organic Children’s Store online, was a fan of Wee Can Too from the start and was also a mother. Sarid and Nichole instantly became friends- both outgoing, lively, passionate, and full of ideas. Nichole loved the idea so much that they decided to partner with Sarid in her passion with the paints. Our motto: Whenever you have a passion in life, go for it… so we did. Wee Can Too is on its way, as our little business, is turning into a big one… in great ways. Shop Wee Can Too


Meet Cammie, Kip & their kids Jack, Maggie and Gus. They are eco-kids® — a family run business that produces all natural art supplies. It began simply, as all good things do, with the molding dough recipe Cammie's mom made for her as a child. After incorporating natural ingredients into the recipe, the dough was transformed into eco-dough™, rich in color, soft in texture, with a delicate aroma like no other. In 2008 Cammie and Kip began selling it at farmers markets. From there, eco-kids® evolved. This family business lives by their mantra — creative play the natural way™. Products are developed with this belief in mind. From using non-toxic, natural ingredients to the unique packaging, eco-kids® works with environmentally friendly companies from around the United States to bring you fresh ideas in the world of art supplies. The kids test and ensure the art supplies are fun to play with — after all, that's what it's all about. Shop Eco Kids

Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks Founder Barbara Lee taught children with special needs for 23 years. She invented Crayon Rocks after being inspired by Jan Olsen, OTR, and the Handwriting Without Tears program. Barbara learned from Jan how important it was to develop early a good tripod grip. Handwriting skills depends upon this. Since a child's first writing tool is usually a crayon, that crayon should be one that encourages him or her to use thumb, first and second fingers in a tripod grip. This is what makes Crayon Rocks a wonderful tool for fine motor development. A Little Goes a Long Way - A really good crayon should take very little effort in applying great swaths of color to the paper. In fact, that crayon should be as much like paint as possible. Rich color that goes on smoothly and easily helps little fingers to grow strong as they spill their creative ideas onto paper. Barbara wanted a coloring tool that students with grip strength problems and disorders effecting fine motor control could use AND enjoy. Shop Crayon Rocks

Melissa and Doug

Over 24 years ago the company was started in the garage of the home where Doug grew up — they had to be careful not to disturb Doug's parents who were still living there! They've been able to move into a real office down the road, a building that actually has separate ladies and men's bathrooms! Their philosophy has remained the same over the years–to make each and every customer a happy and permanent member of the Melissa & Doug family, while offering products with tremendous value, quality and design. Their line offers something for everyone with over 2,000 innovative products for children of all ages! They've always welcomed customer suggestions and strive to make improvements to their products. They're honored by the faith you place in them and view it as their responsibility to continue to earn your trust in the years to come! Shop Melissa and Doug

Box Creations

Box Creations is dedicated to providing unique, sustainable product innovation to the marketplace as well as good old fashioned fun!! We are founded on the principle that a richer play experience should involve the child’s imagination as well as encouraging the child to be an inherent part of the finished product.

Box Creations believes in safe and affordable product - while acknowledging our Eco-system to insure sustainability in our World. All of our products are made from recycled materials and are safety tested. We pride ourselves on developing sturdy as well as easy to assemble products. Our designers are kids at heart and their love for play shows in the uniqueness of each piece! You’ll get hours of play at a fraction of the cost of the more permanent play structures!

And as everyone knows - KIDS LOVE TO PLAY IN THE BOX!! Shop Box Creations

General Pencil

Handcrafted with Pride in our Factory in Jersey City, New Jersey USA General Pencil Company's art and craft pencils come to you from our factory in Jersey City, New Jersey. We believe in quality, tradition, value, and the fun of creating. We take pride in handcrafting quality pencils and artist materials using traditional methods passed down for six generations. Our history dates back to 1860 when Edward Weissenborn began the first pencil factory in the USA. In 1889, Edward and his son, Oscar A., began what is now General Pencil Company. Still family owned and operated, our goal is to create consistent, quality products in a sustainable manner for artists of all levels. We thank you for choosing our fine art and craft products for your creative talents and enjoyment. Shop General Pencil


Sprout children's furniture is designed to be more than just furniture; it's a medium of creativity, a medium of discovery. The play room or nursery becomes a stimulating environment where kids learn from and explore the world around them. Leonardo da Vinci said 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' It is this simplicity that Sprout strives to achieve in its modern kids furniture. Sprout tool-less furniture is so easy to assemble that it goes together in minutes with no tools and no hardware. Just snap the parts together, and you're done. Because the Sprout line is made of interchangeable modular components, individual parts can be swapped to change the style, or even the function of your furniture. Not only is Sprout kids furniture designed to be simple to use, but it is designed to be simple to manufacture. A Patent Pending joint system is built right into the parts. Our contemporary furniture is eco friendly. Parts are optimized to reduce waste. Parts flat pack to save on shipping costs. Sprout products are made from pre consumer recycled wood, and because Sprout is made in the USA, you are supporting the local economy. Because our ready to assemble furniture is so easy to set up and take down, it makes moving easy. Collapsible furniture means that you can build it when you need it, and store it when you don't. And it is so compact that you can fit an entire playroom in the back of your car. Shop Sprout

Mod Mom

Kiersten Hathcock, founder of Mod Mom Furniture, is an ex-marketing executive turned self-taught furniture designer/builder. After graduating from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, she spent the first ten years in training/instructional design and marketing roles for technology, healthcare, and entertainment corporations. Hathcock left a marketing career with A&E and The History Channel in 2003 to spend more time with her kids. While home, she spent time doing freelance marketing as well as nanny work to help make ends meet. After doing research and discovering only two companies sold modern style toy boxes, she set out fill a marketplace void (and help pay the bills!) Kiersten founded Mod Mom Furniture and created the brand elements and marketing strategy while teaching herself to build furniture. For three and a half years, she built everything in her four hundred square foot garage until 2011 when she partnered with eco-friendly, made-in-the-US manufacturers, L&J Woodworking (Amish) in Dundee, Ohio and more recently, Spiceland Wood Products in Spiceland, Indiana. Keeping production in the US is of utmost importance for everyone at Mod Mom! Shop Mod Mom

Holgate Toys

1789 was the year America's Constitution was signed and George Washington became the country's first President. It was also the year Cornelius Holgate established a woodworking shop on the outskirts of Philadelphia in the Colonial town of Roxborough... we have been in continuous operation ever since! Through the generations, our company has made numerous wooden products for home, farm and industry.

Shortly after the Civil War, Holgate moved to Kane, Pennsylvania, to be near the area's abundant hardwood forests. In 1929, our company expanded its product line by making educational pre-school wooden toys.

Today Holgate is synonymous with toys and still making the finest wooden toys in America. Our factory is now located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, still in the middle of America's premier hardwood forests. Today, Holgate is recognized as the premier maker of children's wooden toys in America. Shop Holgate Toys

Rite in the Rain

The hassle of soggy and illegible paperwork has plagued outdoor professionals for decades. Rite in the Rain's founder Jerry Darling developed the early version of Rite in the Rain paper to address that problem for the Pacific Northwest logging industry in the 1920's and the product has been evolving ever since.

Jerry has long since passed away but his vision is shared by the company's entire team. Still manufactured in Tacoma, Washington, USA Rite in the Rain paper is used around the globe in situations ranging from desert warfare to rainforest insect research. Shop Rite in the Rain

Urban Canvas

Eco friendly toys for creative kids! Urban Canvas is a green toy company that happily began by chance with the help of a very large family. Play with it! Display it! Recycle it! We offer green toys for children that inspire their imagination and creativity as they build and design our cardboard sculptures. When complete, children have a sturdy fun toy they can play with again and again, or an original art piece for display! Shop Urban Canvas


Chances are you have played with a gyroscope at some point in your life. More than likely, it was a Chandler gyroscope. For over 70 years the Chandler Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, produced and sold virtually tens of millions of gyroscopes all over the country. In 1982 TEDCO, Inc. purchased the Chandler Company. Since then, the toy line has expanded and sales are now global. TEDCO was first established as a research & development company by the late Ralph Teetor. Mr. Teetor was a well-known and highly respected inventor who started TEDCO (Teetor Engineering Development Company) as a vehicle to foster his inventions. His most renowned accomplishment is the "cruise control" on your automobile. Shop TEDCO Toys

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