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General Pencil Sketch & Go™ - Mixed Drawing Media

by: General Pencil

$ 17.99 USD

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Drawing Class™ Essential Tools™ Kit - Mixed Drawing Media, contains 13 essential drawing tools that any artist needs for any basic mixed media drawing class.

Designed with all the basics to inspire your creativity. Each kit contains a variety of pencils and instructions for any discipline. For artists of all levels: from aspiring, beginning, intermediate and advanced, or those who are just practicing their drawing skills.

Ideal for: Travel, Nature Hikes, Plein Air Drawing, Drawing On-the-Go, Observational Drawing and More!Includes:

  • 2 “The Original” Charcoal Pencils
  • 1 Charcoal White® Pencil
  • 2 Semi-Hex® Graphite Drawing Pencils
  • 1 Layout® Pencil, 1 Draughting™ Pencil
  • 1 Little Red™ All-Art® Sharpener w/ Canister
  • 1 Artist Eraser, 7 Point Protectors
  • 1 Drawing Journal, 1 Pencil Bag
  • Project and Technique Booklet with 3 Step-by-Step Projects

Made In the USA

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