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General Pencil Sketch & Go™ - MultiPastel® Chalks

by: General Pencil

$ 17.99 USD

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Pastel Chalk Pencils have a smooth, blendable formula for use in traditional fine arts, scrapbooks or memory books. They're perfect for lettering, outlining, stripes, borders, shading, accents, embellishments, roughing and aging effects.

Pastel Chalk Pencils can be blended easily with a finger, paper stump, kneaded eraser, or tissue. For a dramatic effect, use them on a dark colored paper with a rough surface.


  • 7 MultiPastel® Chalk Pencils
  • 1 Little Red™ All-Art® Sharpener w/ Canister
  • 1 Artist Eraser
  • 7 Point Protectors
  • 1 Drawing Journal
  • 1 Pencil Bag
  • Project and Technique Booklet with 3 Step-by-Step Projects

Made In the USA

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