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Wee Can Too Gluten Free Edible Crayon Set

by: Wee Can Too

$ 12.00 USD

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Crayons can be a delight for young ones to use in flexing their creative muscles, but they can also be dangerous for kids that aren't old enough to know not to eat them. That's why Wee Can Too has come out with an Edible Crayon Set, which contains art materials that are completely safe for eating should they wind up going into kids' mouths instead of onto the paper. Made in the USA, these crayons are vegan friendly, with no wheat, sugar, or preservatives, and while they are not intended as food, they are made with all organic ingredients. These crayons are especially good for babies because their square shape makes them easy to handle.


  • Non-toxic and naturally safe
  • Plant based made with organic ingredients
  • Gluten free! Dairy free! Made with Soy waxes
  • 5 crayons per set - Shapes may vary
  • Made in the USA

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