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Wee Can Too Grab and Go Gluten Free Fruit & Vegetable Face Paints: 1yr +

by: Wee Can Too

$ 30.00 USD

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Face paints are a classic favorite for young children who love to dress up and use their imaginations. But, sometimes, face paint isn't totally safe for the youngest children to use. When face paints contain harmful chemicals, they can cause serious problems for children who are too young to recognize the danger. That's where the face paint from Wee Can Too comes in. Made with all-American products, including kid-friendly vegetable and fruit powders, these face paints will be great for kids of all ages to dress up for trick-or-treating on Halloween or playing different characters during other parts of the year.

CPSIA Compliant

  • They do not have a  tactile texture, but are smooth and silky.
  • Paints come in 2 ounce jars  with 4 colors - green, yellow, red/pink, purple. 
  • Paints come in powder form, just add water in a separate container.
  • Store remaining powder for future sessions!
  • To use: add VERY little water (start with 1 Tbsp). 
  • For wetter facepaint, add 2 Tbsp of canola oil. 
  • Warning: too much water will ruin paint!

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Type: Kids

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