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Wee Can Too Safe Gluten Free Finger Paints - Tottle Bottle Set: 6mo +

by: Wee Can Too

$ 35.00 USD

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Wee Can Too first developed baby-friendly finger paint back in 2007, and since then, parents everywhere have come to love these kid-safe painting supplies. The Tottle Bottle set comes with five bottles containing two ounces of paint powder, and this becomes six ounces of liquid paint per bottle, once water is added. Using American ingredients, these paints contain all-natural ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and grains. In addition, they are totally vegan friendly, and they contain no added sugars or preservatives. Even the youngest children should be able to put their creativity to use, and the Tottle Bottle set makes sure painting is safe for kids of all ages.  Gluten free and American Made!

  • Edible fingerpaint powders made from organic fruit and vegetable powders, rice flour, and rice cereal.Safe for babies to eat and paint with.
  • Includes 5 colored powders. Each powder comes in a 6 ounce tottle bottle.
  • Add water to the tottle bottle to make over 12 ounces of baby safe finger paint
  • CPSIA compliant and suitable for children 6 months to 18 months
  • Refrigerate after mixing with water
  • Made in USA

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