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Design Standards


Share your colors by providing Pantone Matching System numbers for each color in your design. CMYK files or photographs are not compatible.


Outline your fonts and save a path so we can accurately produce them.
Save your design in a scalable vector format such as Adobe Illustrator or EPS. (We can sometimes use an editable PDF or InDesign file.)


When spot printing we recommend using a line weight of .75 points or higher so that the ink stands out nicely on the kraft chipboard. Occasionally we will push it down to .50 pts, but only in consultation with the customer.

And of course, leaving insufficient space between design elements can also be tricky. .75 pts. is really as low as you'll want to go between lines to ensure that the ink doesn't run in the fibers of the chipboard. Going any closer may result in a 'smudged' appearance.


• Print photo-quality images
• Bleed edge-to-edge across the product
• Print over the score marks, or
• Print over debossing on our products.