CD Labels - Brown Kraft

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These natural Brown Kraft CD labels are printable, adhesive labels that have the coloring and consistency of a brown paper grocery bag. The brown kraft coloring complements the coloring of the ReSleeve and RePlay CD sleeves. The labels are designed to fit standard CD and DVD discs, as well as decorate RePlay and ReSleeve CD sleeves. Die cut Guided Labels are sold by the sheet. Each CD label sheet contains 6 Brown Kraft labels of various sizes.


  • Contents per Sheet: 6 CD labels
  • 2 CD labels with hole 4.625” diameter
  • 2 medium ReSleeve or RePlay cover label s 1.75” W x 4.635” L
  • 2 spine labels for RePlay CD case 0.1875” W x 4.625” L
  • Thickness: 8 mils


Download Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator Guided label templates to customize your Brown Kraft CD labels with graphics and messages. Compatible with inkjet and laser printers, the Brown Kraft CD labels absorb ink better than ordinary white labels. There is no bleeding and the black ink is prominent against the natural brown hue.