ReBinder Professional Recycled Binders Combo

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Sample our superior ReBinder Professional recycled binders line with a 10-piece combo pack. Wrapped along the spine with elegant black cloth binding, the various 1", 1.5", 2" and 3" Brown Kraft binders clearly project a responsible, accountable message.

Believing sustainability and style are both achievable, Guided created the ReBinder Professional cardboard binder line specifically for people who place environmental stewardship as a top priority. Reinforced with cloth tape along the spine, this 10-piece recycled binder system is durable, beautiful and eco-friendly. The ReBinder Professional is the perfect presentation and proposal binder.

  • (3) x 1" ReBinder Professional
  • (3) x 1.5" ReBinder Professional
  • (3) x 2" ReBinder Professional
  • (1) x 3" D Ring ReBinder Professional

Made in the USA

Made in USA Made in USA

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