Bakers Twine - Twisted Shore Light Blue and White Twine Spool

$ 14.00 USD each.

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Our clean and fresh light blue and white bakers twine is carefully wound on cardboard spools making it a must for any crafter.  This isn't like any recycled twine you've ever's bold, fresh and made with the eco crafter in mind and of course, like all our bakers twines, it's manufactured in America.

Our colors are bold and plush - creating an eye-popping burst of color and a creative embellishment!

Color: Shore Light Blue & White

  • 240 yards on each spool
  • 100% plush cotton baker's twine
  • Wound on cardboard spools
  • 4 ply
  • Spool size: approximately 4" x 2"

Made in the USA

Design Your Own!

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Custom sizes and styles

Structural design and templates included

Straightforward, no tooling or shipping surprises

15 day turn-around

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