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RePlay CD Case

Perfect for the band or the boardroom, the elegant simplicity of this two-pocket CD wallet will have everyone buzzing about your earth-conscious leadership. The RePlay CD case is made of 20-point recycled chipboard to protect your next multimedia project.

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  49 Review(s)

Product Details / Eco-Friendly CD Cases

RePlay CD Case Features & Dimensions

Protect your media projects and the planet with the revolutionary RePlay cardboard CD case made from 100% natural fibers. Each eco-friendly and durable cardboard RePlay case holds two discs.

The front of the RePlay two-pocket CD wallet is solid Brown Kraft. If you want a slightly different cd storage option, the ReSleeve View has a round die-cut hole in the center to view the front of the disc. For a more solid look, the ReSleeve CD sleeve is solid Brown Kraft.

Note: The back of the RePlay cardboard CD case is solid Brown Kraft. The bottom is debossed (indented) with the Guided logo.

Cardboard CD Case Materials

The fully recyclable RePlay dual CD case is crafted from recycled fibers into 20-point cardboard that is flexible yet sturdy. Made in American mills, this innovative cardboard CD sleeve protects your discs more effectively than jewel cases that are prone to cracking and that can’t be reprocessed.

RePlay CD Case Custom Printing

The key to getting your demo, movie or multimedia presentation noticed is with creative CD packaging. You can customize the RePlay CD case using our recyclable Brown Kraft or white adhesive labels. The half sheet RePlay labels are the perfect fit for the RePlay CD case. Guided can also custom print cd cases in-house. See Customization tab for details and label templates to design your RePlay cover art.

RePlay Cardboard CD Case Specifications

  • Contents per Case: 50 blank RePlay CD cases
  • Max Capacity: 2 discs
  • Size: 5.5" L x 4.875" H x 3/16" W
  • Storage Slot: 4.875" W x 2.375" D
  • Materials: 100% recycled 20-point chipboard made from 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials
  • Automated Packaging Grade compliant but can also be loaded by hand
  • Note: Due to the variety of recycled content, the shade of the natural Brown Kraft color may vary.

Customer Reviews / Recycled Cardboard CD Case

  1. Great for 2 Wedding Photo Disks
    Review by Temecula Wedding Photographer


    I use these to deliver wedidng images to my clients. I add my logo with a rubber stamp and ink pad. I also hot glue some jute/hemp ribbon to the outside and tuck it in the sides. I have gotten great feedback thus far. I hold them closed with some ribbon and elastic that has a boe glued to it.
    (Posted on 12/17/13)

  2. These are Embossed!
    Review by Ronnie


    Whoa Whoa Whoa!
    You sell these as being a blank canvas for your creative ideas and in none of the text or pictures do you reveal the branding on the back?

    If you are looking for that Blank Canvas move on there is nothing to see here!

    There is no way I would have bought these had I known.

    I feel like I have been duped
    (Posted on 10/14/13)

  3. Great packaging solution
    Review by Tom


    I use the RePlay in making short CD runs for a community choir and other recording clients, they are easy to work with and people love the ethic. Thanks for providing labeling support also.
    (Posted on 10/6/13)

  4. Excellent product,
    Review by Deux K "30"


    Our band bought these for the main reason that fpr our first CD we were looking for CD covers that made a strong visual image of what the bands music was about and these CD's covers were perfect. We also DID NOT want to use plastic covers. The materials are solid and well made. Folks have commented how much they like the covers. We run small count releases and all the CDs are handcrafted. Again the materials used blend perfect with our ideas for these CD's. Great Product.

    (Posted on 7/22/13)

  5. Great for my album!
    Review by Mandy Cook


    Created my album's cd covers with these and rubber stamps. They are BEAUTIFUL!
    (Posted on 3/5/13)

  6. Great product
    Review by jkalleberg


    I ordered 100 replay cd sleeves to create wedding keepsakes for my wedding. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I used replay for one CD, which I inserted in the left side and created a 16 page booklet using MS publisher which I affixed to the right side. On the front went a label with our names and our wedding date. The CD was a hit! Using lightscribe CDs rounded out the semi professional look the the whole package. I love that the packaging is eco friendly, and made in the USA.
    I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a good DIY solution for their wedding or to promote their own music. The low cost, consistent quality and fast service made me very happy with my purchase. The only limit to your satisfaction will be your creativity in how you use the product. Jon Kalleberg - New York City

    (Posted on 12/12/12)

  7. Always quality.
    Review by Benjamin and Elise


    I left a review a year or so ago for this product stating that the product was great quality and well worth having it shipped to New Zealand. A year later we made another order for the same CD sleeves, and the product is as good as ever. Good to know that we can count on Guided Products consistency! Thanks :)
    (Posted on 11/17/12)

  8. Great product and they're recycled!
    Review by Sweet


    Im a photographer and I've used several CD holders. I've been looking for something that isn't expensive, I can customize myself, and has 2 sleeve openings. I use the replay labels to print a custom logo sticker for the front and back just to dress it up a bit. I'm very happy with this product.
    (Posted on 11/15/12)

  9. Simple and perfect
    Review by Ellie


    I love how simple and perfect this CD/DVD case is. Its definitely in style, but simple enough that I can make it my own. Totally happy with them!
    (Posted on 9/26/12)

  10. Go for it
    Review by Kaitlin


    My fiance and I are giving away CD's as our wedding favor full of all our favorite music. We also try to be very eco-conscience so these were perfect for us.

    We have them all stuffed and ready to go. We love them!
    (Posted on 7/28/12)

  11. Great!
    Review by Benjamin and Elise


    Love these cases. Like half of the other reviewers here, we use these cases to present our clients with their wedding photos on disc. This a cheap, rustic, and unique (we're based in New Zealand) way of presenting the finished product. The only downside is that the cases we got in our last shipment were a much 'redder' brown than first seen - maybe each batch is different/unique since it's recycled. The lighter brown was much nicer, so we hope we get this colour in our next shipment. Otherwise, great!
    (Posted on 5/10/12)

  12. Amazing product
    Review by Sara


    I'm using the cd cases as my invite for my wedding. They are perfect and were shipped incredibly fast
    (Posted on 3/26/12)

  13. Great product, superb rates
    Review by Ernest


    Loved the RePlay cases! However, I would have to agree with some of the comments about the noticeable size of the letterhead Rebinder impression on the back. It does take away some of the essence for those who want to brand themselves with their business.

    If this gets fixed then I would totally buy more!
    (Posted on 3/23/12)

  14. Excellent product, superlative service
    Review by CMS


    I ordered the Replay cd cases having been given one by a friend, so I knew what I was getting in terms of the product; what I was unprepared for was the level of efficiency with which my order was processed. I received the shipping confirmation email within minutes of placing my order, and was able to track my package less than 3 hours later. When my package arrived I was delighted to find that the product has obviously been refined since my friend had ordered them, and the card is of a finer grade, less rough and scratchy. I am using the cases for demos, typing the stickers with a typewriter for an old-school look, and I love it. Thanks Rebinder for great products and service. I will be recommending you!
    (Posted on 3/6/12)

  15. Love these cases!
    Review by Courting Harlots


    My band Courting Harlots used these cases for our first EP and our first full length album. They are great to screen print on and super easy to assemble and give out CD's the punk look we are going for! All of this while using recycled material! Thanx Rebinder!
    (Posted on 2/22/12)

  16. great customer service
    Review by manda


    First of all, you guys sent a note asking, so here I am.
    I have to rave about the customer service—5 stars for sure.

    But to be honest, the branding on the back? It has to go.

    I'm a letterpress printer and these were chosen by a client (she sourced these). I have never had to compete with another company's brand, while printing a paying client's. And not just the size of your own company logo, but the depth of impression was crazy. My client paid a lot of money for a lovely logo, but yours is off-the-hook distracting to me.
    (Posted on 2/21/12)

  17. Fantastic Branding Tool
    Review by Blue Nest Photography


    I will be using these for my photography clients' photo disks. I want to brand myself with an eco-conscience image and this is one tool to use. I haven't sent them out just yet as I am playing with stamping, etc to give it a custom look. Really excited! Nice quality product, sturdy- something my Seattle clients will appreciate.
    (Posted on 2/21/12)

  18. Perfect for Photography!
    Review by Kristen


    I am a photographer and was looking for an economic and stylish way to package my final DVD's for clients. These were perfect! I will be adding my logo onto the front with a stamp.

    The only thing I wish Rebinder offered was mailing envelopes/mailers that I could use to send my Replay item in. I have had to order mailers from other companies and they are not even close to the same Kraft brown color of the Replay DVD case. It's a little frustrating to have two different browns when I mail a package to a client. So, adding mailers in sizes that would fit the Replay case would be an awesome addition to the ReBinder world!!
    (Posted on 2/17/12)

  19. Lovely product with a couple minor flaws
    Review by Brian


    As many reviewers have mentioned here, this is an affordably priced and stylish CD case that gets bonus points for being environmentally friendly. I've ordered them three times now for use at my independently owned record label to house releases I put out, and their charm and versatility is pretty high up on the scale. Being cardstock, they give an effective utilitarian aesthetic feel to my releases, and physically they do well with ink stamps, stickers and decals. The product also has a nice weight to itself in your hands, which is important to me. I like the fact that both looks and feels heavy.

    The downsides are two things, the biggest issue being the pockets that hold the discs - for some reason, I'm not sure exactly why, I've had numerous issues (and customers have too) with the discs actually getting scuffed/scratched/damaged from sliding in and out of the pockets. To circumvent this, I've taken to printing out matte photos or some other similarly smooth sheet and inserting it under the discs inside the pockets to avoid damage. I'm not sure if it's simply that the interior surface of the cardboard is rougher grade than the exterior surface, but I've received complaints about it and it has been a hassle.

    The second downside is what several others have mentioned - the branding on the backside. I don't absolutely mind it, and I understand that ReBinder as a company deserve putting their mark on their own products, but considering that, it IS a pretty large detractor when you're trying to design these cases to be used for albums, with album art and all. Something that large, and embossed, no less, is very difficult to cover up in any kind of reasonable design. Perhaps ReBinder could make a service available for these cases to be purchased as a special order without the branding? I would love to continue purchasing these cases but in the end, that branding will keep me from doing so when I run out of good presentation ideas on how to work around it.
    (Posted on 1/24/12)

  20. Perfect!
    Review by AmyPunky


    Perfect for what I had in mind for my packaging!
    (Posted on 1/18/12)

  21. Great case...lose the huge branding on the back.
    Review by Scott


    The cases are great and do exactly what I need them to do. I could do without the large "Rebinder" logo on the back. It is a little large and distracting.
    (Posted on 12/24/11)

  22. Great Quality!
    Review by Gabrielle


    I ordered these cases to use for the discs of photos that I give my photography clients. The cases are great quality and match my branding perfectly. I looked around on several other websites for cases like the ones on here and for the price/the amount you receive, and the quality of the discs, you just can't beat rebinder. I will definitely be ordering from them again very very soon.
    (Posted on 12/2/11)

  23. Love!
    Review by Carissa


    I cannot express how much I love these cases! Being a green-bug the recycled aspect really appealed to me and I was thrilled to be able to incorporate that into my photography business. I think these cases are simple, chic and affordable!
    (Posted on 11/29/11)

  24. Great Product
    Review by Brooke


    Love my new CD sleeves. I was using something similar before but much prefer using the half sleeves so I can have my branding show as soon as my client opens them.
    (Posted on 11/28/11)

  25. A Great Little Package
    Review by Bill


    I use these holders with the brown 4x3 labels to create a nice branded package for client DVD presentations. Excellent quality and will definitely keep using!
    (Posted on 10/31/11)

  26. Extraordinary...and clients love them!
    Review by Feng Images


    I'm using these to package final DVDs for our clients, and I love how well they protect the DVD while doing so in an earth-conscious manner. I bought a few stamps and stamp the cover with our logo and add a card insert for "thank you" notes to our clients, then tie the case closed with some twine. Clients have raved about the look and elegant simplicity of the design...exactly what we were going for. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a green, classy option!
    (Posted on 7/12/11)

  27. Love it...just what I was looking for
    Review by Paul


    Great product, fast shipping. Perfect for my new music CD.
    Greener the better!!
    (Posted on 6/14/11)

  28. Awesome product!
    Review by Paul R


    We love that stand alone its an awesome product. What makes it even better is that you can customize it to your liking and branding! The possibilities are endless! And don't forget you're doing your part in being environmentally responsible!
    (Posted on 6/7/11)

  29. great product!
    Review by chocomoose


    I love these!! They are so simple, inexpensive and responsible. I am planning to adorn mine with a sticker and/or another element of my branding before giving it to clients. I like that there is the option to send along 2 CDs or just one with a card on the other side. And the fact that they are so simple is wonderful for several reasons including I will never have to worry if my brand design changes. Love these!!! Will definitely get more when the time comes.
    (Posted on 4/25/11)

  30. Perfect
    Review by Sherry


    I love the the products! In our Photography Studio I am using these for our customers. I tie them together with some ribbon and it's perfect. I will order more soon!
    (Posted on 2/22/11)

  31. aesthetic quality
    Review by Lindsay


    I searched high and low for a 'brown paper bag' looking cd case, for my client discs- and finally found them. The only thing I would change is the coarse-ness on the inside- sometimes when I put discs in, I feel like they are getting scratched- but I haven't had that problem yet. These cases are the exact feel I wanted for our products.
    (Posted on 2/10/11)

  32. Love them!
    Review by Indelible Photo CO.


    I deliver all my client's discs in these, they are wonderful. Fun and earthy. I can dress em up how I want but they have a simple beauty to them!
    (Posted on 12/22/10)

  33. Excellent Product
    Review by Mikey P


    These cases are very cool and our Clients ask us where they came from. We tell them.
    (Posted on 12/20/10)

  34. Perfect!
    Review by Moga


    These cases work so well for our album and they're recycled product! What more could I ask for?!?
    (Posted on 11/10/10)

  35. Great for my Green Business
    Review by Heather Ryan Photography


    I have been using ReBinder's RePlay CD Case paired with the Brown Kraft Labels for about 1.5 years now. I brand all of the materials with a stamp of my logo and throw in a couple of my business cards printed on recycled kraft paper (also printed by ReBinder). It's a great system that I can feel good about too :) Highly recommended!
    (Posted on 11/9/10)

  36. Pretty dang good
    Review by Jim


    I've used these cases for multiple projects and they're pretty dang good. I like to make stencils and paint layered images on to them. They hold paint and dry quickly.

    ~ There is nothing to hold it shut. My last project I used Velcro stickers. Works great except some people ripped the pocket when opening it in a hurry.
    ~ I wish the pockets weren't glued down behind the top part. You can slide something down into the case but not up. I would rather there be glue on the outside edges.
    ~ The stamp on the back side for "Rebinder legal mumbo~jumbo" is kind of annoying. I usually stencil something thick and distracting over it or use a sticker.
    (Posted on 11/4/10)

  37. awesome
    Review by ryan


    exactly what I was looking for. Thank You!
    (Posted on 11/2/10)

  38. awesome!
    Review by paige


    great product! These are working really well for my photography business, it's so easy to integrate into my branding, and best of all it's good to know they are recycled products.
    (Posted on 10/5/10)

  39. exactly what I've been looking for!
    Review by Jenn Ayres


    I am a photographer who had searched high and low to find the perfect packaging for our "digital negative" DVD's. I wanted something attractive, yet environmentally friendly at the same time. As soon as I found these, my search was over! They are absolutely perfect - very sturdy, excellent quality - exactly what I had been looking for. I love them!
    (Posted on 9/7/10)

  40. using on a movie
    Review by jwsound


    I am a Production Sound Mixer working on movies and we deliver our "dailies" (sound recorded for the day) on optical discs, typically DVD-RAM discs. The last two movies, "Valentine's Day" and now finishing up "Horrible Bosses", the producers have made serious efforts to "go green" in every way possible. The movie industry is particularly wasteful but on these two projects we have made great strides in all departments. I am now using the Replay cases for my daily deliverable (well over 100 will be used on this one production) and we have even gotten the post-production facility to use the Replays instead of the expensive and wasteful plastic cases they were using. We are all happy campers now thanks to your wonderful product.

    Regards, Jeff Wexler, CAS
    (Posted on 9/6/10)

  41. Great Case
    Review by KIM


    We love the cd case! This is exactly what we were looking for. We didn't want to use the plastic cases because they break and they don't look very nice. This is a great alternative!
    (Posted on 9/3/10)

  42. Woud use them again
    Review by Amy


    We have been using the product for our personal sales and for mail out proposals and they have been well received and worked as a great sales pitch for the packaging as well as the product that we created inside. I would definatly use rebinder again for CD Sleeves and our other upcoming projects. Thanks again.
    (Posted on 9/2/10)

  43. Love it, especially since it's eco-friendly
    Review by Ashley


    I purchased these cases to use as packaging for DVDs that I give to my clients (I'm a photographer). I include copyright info and printing info on the inside left pocket, then I close it up, slap a logo sticker on the front and tie a ribbon around it. Would look really nice with natural color raffia.

    Overall, I'm very pleased. These are a great afforable option for cd/dvd packaging and they are recycled. Love that!
    (Posted on 8/26/10)

  44. Great Buy
    Review by 94502


    I love using this to show my work. It's cheap, inventive, original, high quality, and eco friendly. Awesome!
    (Posted on 8/13/10)

  45. Clients love this!
    Review by Liberty Tree Photography


    Thanks so much! This is exactly the product that I was looking for. I run a green business and my clients have loved that I've switched to this packaging. I bought a stamp for the front so I can customize it and I write a personalized message inside too. It works great, looks good, clients love it, shipping was quick and hassle free, customer service was friendly and efficient... and it's good for the environment. What's left to say???
    (Posted on 7/19/10)

  46. AWESOME!
    Review by Marlow


    I'm using these as a part of my wedding invitation and I LOVE the quality. Great product! And super simple delivery.
    (Posted on 7/13/10)

  47. Great product
    Review by Jessica


    Recently ordered these to screen print for an EP. These are great, keep in mind that there is a fairly large imprint on the back of them near the bottom with their info on it. Not a huge deal, but something to keep in mind when you need to print on the back of them. We've gotten plenty of compliments already and people dig that they are recycled.
    (Posted on 5/19/10)

  48. Perfect CD Case
    Review by Marti


    I am a photographer and provide these to my clients with copyright information and a print release in the left pocket and the CD in the right pocket. They are sturdy and nicely made.
    (Posted on 5/18/10)

  49. great product!
    Review by jillian


    i am a photographer, and use these when a client purchases a dvd of images. i was previously using plastic cases which were bulky and expensive. they are sturdy, simple, slim, and easy to mail. i brand them with a small logo sticker, but a reusable stamp with a natural ink would be an even greener way to go. i'm based in northern california, and the fact that they are recycled is a huge plus for my target market. i use the left pocket to include a small handwritten note to my clients, and they love it.

    because i could easily brand the cd case, i stopped printing the front of the dvd itself - the plain white cd looks great in the case and i save money and time (not to mention greener).

    (Posted on 4/22/10)

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