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RePocket Recycled Folders
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  • Recycled pocket folder
  • chipboard folder for presentations
  • RePocket Recycled Folders
  • RePocket Recycled Folders
  • RePocket Recycled Folders
  • RePocket Recycled Folders

RePocket Presentation Folders

You will love everything about the weight, texture and functionality of the RePocket folder, and so will the media, your volunteers and event attendees. The organic feel of brown kraft not only boosts your credibility, but the rigid chipboard also enables you stay true to your mission of responsibility. RePocket recycled pee chee folder include two storage pockets and a business card die cut slot. Compatible with both horizontal and vertical business cards. Made in USA.

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  38 Review(s)

Product Details / Recycled Presentation Folders

RePocket Presentation Folders Features & Dimensions

RePocket is a rigid, recycled pocket folder. This natural yet professional presentation folder is perfect for helping your proposals, event materials or press kits stand out from the crowd. The two pockets, which each hold 30 pages, provide ample room for stuffing while the inside left pocket offers die cut slots to display a business card horizontally or vertically. Like the original pee chee folder, but in natural brown kraft.

RePocket Recycled Folder Materials

Constructed of rigid 20-point chipboard, this is not a flimsy presentation folder. The Brown Kraft RePocket folder is made from 100% recycled materials generated in American mills.

Customize your RePocket

You can customize the RePocket folder using our recyclable Brown Kraft adhesive labels. The 2" x 3.5" rectangle labels and 2.5" x 1.75" oval labels are the perfect fit for the RePocket recycled folder.

RePocket Recycled Folder Custom Printing

Guided can custom print folders in-house. See Customization tab for details and label templates to design your RePocket recycled folder cover art.

RePocket Recycled Folder Specifications

· Contents per Case: 75 RePocket recycled folders
· Max Capacity: 30 sheets of 20 lb. 8.5" x 11" paper per pocket
· Page Size: 9.25" W x 11.625" H
· Pocket Size: 4" high
· Materials: 100% recycled 20-point bending chipboard made from 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials
· Note: Due to the variety of recycled content, the shade of the natural Brown Kraft color may vary.

Customer Reviews / Pocket Folder, Recycled Folders & Presentation

  1. Just like the picture
    Review by TLee


    The folders are great! They are the thickness and color that was represented on the website. Thank you!
    (Posted on 3/26/14)

  2. Just what we were looking for!
    Review by Beth


    Product arrived crazy fast and was just as pictured! There probably is no way of avoiding this as it is a recycled and easily re-recyclable product, but just beware of having oily fingers when you touch them -- it will make a dark spot on the folder. Most of the time it goes away in a few hours, but they are pretty easily ruined. That is the only reason for the four stars, but like I said, it was exactly as ordered/wanted and we will take a few grease spots as trade off for a quality and eco-friendly product. Thanks!
    (Posted on 3/6/14)

  3. Drop in Quality
    Review by Chris


    We purchased a large amount of these from the previous ReBinder. Looking at the latest delivery, the design and weight have changed and this really does take away from a 'strong' looking pocket folder.

    Holding an open pocket folder from a corner does not support it's own weight and it just bends over. Sadly, that just not acceptable for its intended use.
    (Posted on 2/27/14)

  4. color dramatically inconsistent
    Review by moxie


    These have been my go to presentation folders since I started my business, but the last case I got (I purchased it a year or so ago) is a dramatically different color (same problem "chewing the cud" mentions in that 2/14/12 review)--they've got a distinct red clay look, not a kraft brown one. And the card stock and colors I use for the marketing materials that I put IN these folders are not color coordinated to go with such a red/orange hue, so I'm totally bummed (otherwise quality is still high--sturdy, attractive, etc.) I contacted customer service about it but basically was told that recycled products are inconsistent. Which I get--but this is like they dyed the batch lot, not just a slightly different version. So I'm stuck with a case of off-color folders and fearful to order again as I'm not sure that the next batch won't be the same . . .
    (Posted on 1/8/14)

  5. Quality has dropped
    Review by Pete


    I've used similar folders (previously from ReBinder) for several years now to give out to conference attendees. We've bought hundreds. This year it seems ReBinder has either been bought by Guided or changed its name and the old folder style is no longer available. These new ones are FAR inferior in quality. They are not nearly as sturdy as the previous style. I won't be ordering these again.

    Would love to see the sturdier design come back. If they do, so will I.
    (Posted on 10/4/13)

  6. Very good product
    Review by Shane


    These binders are very durable, clean and functional. We are a "Green Builder" so the brown fits into our m.o.
    (Posted on 6/20/13)

  7. Excellent Product
    Review by Scott


    Product is very sturdy and professional quality. Perfect for our presentation materials and good for the environment - winning combination.
    (Posted on 6/3/13)

  8. Just what I was looking for
    Review by Allison


    These were the perfect replacement after our previous supplier went out of business. Very happy to have found Guided Products!
    (Posted on 4/22/13)

    Review by Specht Designs


    I am a photographer and use these folder as part of a presentation package I deliver to my clients. The first time I started using these, I had several clients compliment me on the quality of my presentation products.

    I love the guided products, Thanks!
    (Posted on 4/22/13)

  10. Good Product but Overbearing Logo
    Review by Kyle


    I purchased this product with a specific vision in mind for my company's branding. The quality of the product is great, and the business card slits happen to fit both sizes of my business cards well.

    However, it is very frustrating that this product is unavailable without a large "Guided Products" logo embossed on the back of the folder. If the product were available without the manufacturers logo, even for a higher price, I would have given 5 stars.
    (Posted on 3/27/13)

  11. Great Folders
    Review by Gina


    Very thick durable folders, I was very surprised with the vertical business card holder. Recycled and still professional.
    (Posted on 2/1/13)

  12. Really nice, really recycled!
    Review by Brody


    I've used these folders for years for my business. We have a colorful sticker that we stick on them... our clients think we are ultra cool... very design-y, and very responsible! Great image for our biz!
    (Posted on 9/25/12)

  13. Best folders anywhere
    Review by Eric


    I've used these for training and client presentations. They are so much more substantial and interesting than the garden variety. I also added the kraft labels, which look great on them. I couldn't be happier with these folders.
    (Posted on 3/2/12)

  14. different from first order
    Review by chewing the cud


    This is my second time ordering the folders as the first order was splendid! However, to my disappointment, the color of these folders were different from the first batch. They were a lot warmer (almost red), as compared to the kraft ones from the previous batch. As a result, half my press kits looked slightly different. Otherwise, great construction and very sturdy.
    (Posted on 2/14/12)

  15. great item!
    Review by barbaran515


    these were awesome, my vertical business card fit perfectly in the slots provided. great construction, very heavy duty!
    (Posted on 12/2/11)

  16. love.
    Review by Adi


    I love these folders. While, yes, the slit for the biz card is a bit tight, and the logo is pretty huge, they are still the best out there for the best price. They are sturdy, and I actually don't mind my clients knowing that I use recycled products. Extra "green" brownie points for me. I highly recommend.
    (Posted on 12/2/11)

  17. Great!
    Review by Stacy


    We use these folders to hold information about our building that we distribute throughout the year to our partners and collaborators.
    (Posted on 11/15/11)

  18. Fresh and innovative
    Review by Karen


    We ordered the Recycled Presentation Folders and are using them for a seminar we are having. They are perfect for our design and add the edge we needed to be fresh and innovative. Thank you!
    (Posted on 11/2/11)

  19. perfect!
    Review by Hallie


    The environmental nonprofit I work for uses these folders for media kits and outreach. The folders make us look good, while allowing us to stay in line with our mission. Thanks, Rebinder!
    (Posted on 6/19/11)

  20. Great Folder - one fatal flaw...
    Review by ellie


    I absolutely LOVE everything about the weight, texture and functionality of this folder! I would love to buy more products from this company as well - there's just one flaw that makes me a little upset - the back of the binder (and every other product offered here) has a large indented logo :( I intended to use these for my business and hand them out with information to my clients but the logo is so distracting, it makes it look unprofessional. :( almost perfect....
    (Posted on 3/25/11)

  21. great item
    Review by Kathy


    We use the folders to put our flyers, agenda, for events that we hold. They make everything look professional and sustainable at the same time. They are durable so that attendees can reuse.
    (Posted on 3/23/11)

  22. Awesome
    Review by Kerrie


    We used your pocket folders to house The Seed Keeper Company press kits for The Northwest Flower and Garden Show. They looked gorgeous. Loved feeling good about using a recycled product!!
    (Posted on 3/1/11)

  23. Love these folders!
    Review by Liz


    I did a wide search for folders, and was elated when I happened upon these. Not only do they look better and are more sturdier than any others I found, but they are more affordable, and eco-friendly to boot!
    (Posted on 2/22/11)

  24. Excellent
    Review by KR


    We love these folders and use them exclusively for events and presentations. They are excellent quality, and they send the message that we walk the talk with regard to our environmental commitment.
    (Posted on 2/16/11)

  25. so awesome, i wanna eat them
    Review by Jackie


    just kidding about the eating 'em part...but i LOVE these folders! they are the perfect pairing to my branding and i am so happy they help me to look professional and stand out in client meetings.
    (Posted on 1/21/11)

  26. Great for academic events
    Review by Julia Lupton


    I use these folders, and only these folders, for events I host at the University of California. The product is beautiful; it takes labels well; and everyone keeps them. These folders are a great value.
    (Posted on 1/20/11)

  27. Great Folders!
    Review by Central Coast Rotary


    We are using the folders for a poverty conference and the unadorned look was perfect. We were pleasantly surprised to see how sturdy they were. Thank you Rebinder.
    (Posted on 1/14/11)

  28. Pure satisfaction!
    Review by Jane


    Both functional and ecologically responsible. Reflects the perfect image for our non-profit organization.
    (Posted on 12/1/10)

  29. bus cd slits too tight
    Review by Kay


    The folders weren't quite as heavy as I thought they'd be after reading the product description and all of the reviews. It would have helped to know an actual weight (like 110# cover or 14pt. board). Also, the horizontal business card slits were way too tight -- I could hardly get the cards in without mangling the corners of them. On the good side, the folders are sturdy and I don't think you can beat this price anywhere! We would order again if we needed the product. (We used them for a press kit with a WWII theme, so the kraft look was very appropriate.)
    (Posted on 11/23/10)

  30. sturdy & krafty!
    Review by Moxie


    I've always loved the classic look of brown kraft paper and used it to wrap gifts, etc. And I've been using kraft brown stock for many of my marketing materials for years (I'm a real estate agent). So these folders are perfect for continuing the same look/feel and they're more sturdy and well made than many other products that contain 100% recycled materials. I have a custom rubber stamp that I use to stamp the front of the folders w/ my logo and it ends up being a much better deal than having my logo printed on inferior weight folders. I plan on making these an office staple for years to come!
    (Posted on 11/8/10)

  31. Perfect
    Review by Heather


    After searching about 10 locals stores including a couple of University Book Stores for pocket folders made in the USA out of recycled materials and becoming totally frustrated that almost every pocket folder I found was made in China. I bought a case of 75 from Rebinder for my 3 kids for school. I have about 60 left! But I figure they will last until my 2nd grader graduates from college. The kids really like them and decorate them themselves. I recommend this product and I recommend Moms banding together and purchasing a case for the neighborhood.
    (Posted on 9/23/10)

  32. Startup
    Review by AnvilCreativeGroup


    We used these for presentation folders for a local startup and they were impressed. Thinking we may use them for all our design presentations. Sends the right eco message and gets the job done!
    (Posted on 8/31/10)

  33. Sturdy enough for a backpack
    Review by Gretchen


    These folders hold up for an entire school year, going back and forth from school to home in the chaos of a middle schooler's back pack. I have found that my students end up using this folder (math) for ALL of their subjects because, by the end of the year, the other class folders are all beat up. This year I passed the word to my colleagues and ordered extra for their classes. Great price. Great product. And it's not plastic!
    (Posted on 7/15/10)

  34. Just Right!
    Review by Susan


    I keep finding more ways to use these sturdy folders around our speech and language clinic. The children notice right away that these folders are different. They love using recycled materials that save trees and help the earth-- (and so do we!)
    (Posted on 5/13/10)

  35. Perfect!
    Review by Sarah


    We used the RePocket folders with the ReSleeve labels for a gathering of people in the sustainability and green building fields, so it was perfect to use a product that practices what we preach! The folders were great, and the brown color felt right for the tone of our event.
    (Posted on 5/11/10)

  36. excellent
    Review by Sue


    Great folders - much sturdier than expected for a recycled product - and they are handsome to boot. I'm guessing many here will hold onto these and make use of them for some time.

    They went over very well for our annual retreat, where we also utilized your biodegradable ReBadges, in trying to do things as 'greenly' as possible. Plus the customer service was awesome. Thanks!
    (Posted on 5/10/10)

  37. awesome!
    Review by kathryn


    These have been used as a client's portfolio and my business will use them for press kits at an upcoming trade show. Both were letterpress printed on the cover. Very sturdy, great construction. I am very happy that die cut slits for business cards is provided for horizontal AND vertical cards. Design is perfect. High quality and recycled! I recommend this product!
    (Posted on 5/7/10)

  38. oustanding
    Review by Tim


    These are great! Very professional looking and quite sturdy. Our staff loves them, and the price is certainly right!
    (Posted on 5/7/10)

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